A 125 mm diameter Batman vs Superman ventilation duct cover. You'll have to multicolor print or spray paint. But it's worth it!

This is a 125 mm Batman vs Superman ventilation duct cover based on this logo design by NeatoBrian.

If you need a different diameter use your slicer to scale it up or down. For a 100 mm cover you would scale the cover down to 0.802 or set its Y size to 106,7mm (Cura). Don’t forget to scale the spray gauge accordingly.

That’s how I made it:
1. Print cover with black PLA.
2. Mask the parts that do not belong to the Superman logo with adhesive tape.
3. Spray paint Superman logo in red.
4. Print the gauge (color of filament doesn’t matter).
5. Lay gauge on a piece of glass fibre fly screen.
6. Spray paint fly screen in yellow.
7. Remove gauge and cut fly screen on the inside of the outer perimeter line.
8. Super glue fly screen to the backside of the cover.

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