If the commercially available ice scrapers do not live up to your expectations you might want to give this 3D printed one a try!

My old and beloved brass ice scraper broke. I could have used two-component adhesive to fix this but since the shape of the ice scraper was pretty bad in terms of usability anyway, I decided to build my own scraper.

A word on usability: I believe that most commercially available ice scrapers have a faulty design especially with respect to the handle. The longer the handle gets, the more difficult it is to apply proper force on the scraper part. And due to cheap production the scraping area usually isn’t flat but wobbly.

mishmish4 designed a nice, short and sturdy Ice Scraper that you can find here on Thingiverse. The twist-in-place handle is a nice design detail, but, to my mind, it does not add to usability.

I used this design as the basis for my Heavy Duty Ice Scraper. Unfortunately, mishmish4’s STL was not editable for me in SketchUp so I redesigned that thing anew omitting the handle and choosing a somewhat sleeker design.

Please note that there are two versions available:

  1. Heavy Duty Ice Scraper FINAL.stl — This one has a 4cm diameter grip bar. You should have fairly big hands to achieve a decent scraping job with this.
  2. Heavy Duty Ice Scraper FINAL (oval).stl — This one has a ~3.5cm diameter at the widest side of the grip bar. I squeezed the scraper along the vertical axis so the grip bar is now oval instead of round. I think that this one is better to handle but, again, it depends on the size of your hands.

Print Settings
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Walls: 3
Resolution: 0.16mm
Infill: 66%
Rafts: No
Supports: No

Definitely print the scraper _on its side_. This way you will not need support and the printing time is reduced. The combination of 66% infill with a shell thickness of 1.2mm yielded a pretty sturdy scraper.

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